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Do you need a cost-effective electrician with extensive experience in home and commercial lighting installation in Basingstoke or the surrounding area?

If you’re considering installing any of the following lights at home or business premises then the friendly Smart Electrics team will help brighten your world:

Installation of Indoor Lights

Installation of Outdoor, Garden & Security Lighting

Tip: When you’re looking for outdoor lighting it’s important to research the quality of the lights and carefully consider their ‘IP rating‘. Cheapest isn’t always best when it comes to finding lights that will stand up to the UK’s wet weather and last for years! You also need to be mindful of the degree of protection the lighting enclosure provides to users and from dust, dirt, moisture and more! You’re welcome to ask us if you are unsure what might be suitable lights for your circumstances.

Lighting Extras & Accessories

We can also cover any extra lighting electrical needs such as:

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