Need an Electrician, Phone/Broadband Engineer or a CCTV Camera Installer?

Smart Electrics cover a wide range of electrician jobs, telecoms/phone/broadband services and security system installation/monitoring services (CCTV cameras, alarms) at competitive rates for your home or business in Basingstoke and its surrounds.

We don’t charge call out fees and we offer a 24/7 electrician call-out service for emergencies in Basingstoke, Hampshire and its surrounds. We also offer free estimates for your jobs/projects.

For Your Home

Need an electrician, phone/broadband engineer, or a CCTV security systems expert for your home or a rental property? We can help with all of your electrical, communication and home security needs. From power sockets to lighting, heating, CCTV cameras, broadband, phone lines and much more.


If your business has an office that needs to be maintained to keep it running efficiently and safely we can help. We offer all manner of commercial electrical contracting services and also specialise in telecoms (phone and broadband etc.) and security systems (CCTV cameras, monitoring etc.)


If your business has a factory or industrial unit that must be maintained to keep it running safely and efficiently we can help service all of your industrial electrical needs.​

For Landlords

Regulations require landlords to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person at least every 5 years. We can assist landlords with the necessary Electrical Safety Condition Reports.

Medical Facilities

Need an electrician, phone/broadband engineer, or a CCTV security systems expert for a medical facility such as aged-care home or doctors surgery? We have been trained to work amongst vulnerable and those at risk.


We have significant expertise serving agricultural clients. If you need an electrician with experience of farm environments and equipment we can assist.​


Need an electrical engineering specialist for a technical project or task? We have the expertise, experience and qualifications to handle jobs which regular electricians may not cover. ​

It's an Emergency

Do you have an emergency and need help fast? Call Smart Electrics 24/7 for help from a reliable, highly-qualified and cost-effective electrician.

Emergency Call Out Number

01256 830820

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