Smart Electrics Group General Trading Policy

1 Definition

1.1, The Company ‐ Smart Electrics Group and its Contractors.
1.2, The Customer ‐ The person or persons name(s) that appears on all forms as “The Customer”.
1.3, The Site – The Address of which work is to be undertaken.
1.4, The Work Area – The area deemed by “The Company” on “The Site” to allow the execution of the contract.
1.5, The Authorities ‐ refers to “The Customers” Local County Council’s Building Control.
1.6, The Contract ‐ The acceptance of the terms & conditions set by “The Company”.
1.7, The Guarantee – The agreement to rectify problems relating to standards or quality of workmanship.
1.8, The Warranty – The agreement to replace faulty goods or materials by the manufacturer.

2 Legal Requirements

2.1, Under the requirements of Health & Safety at Work Act 1984, as amended 2007 Smoking is prohibited within “The Site”, 1 hour prior commencing & during work being carried out by “The Company”. Failure to comply with this legislation may cause delay in commencement or completion of “The Contract” which may incur additional cost, as determined by “The Company”, to be met by “The Customer”.

2.2, Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1984, as amended 2007; in regards to lifting & handling “The Customer” with adequate notice shall as far as reasonably practicable empty room or rooms as needed to facilitate “The Company’s” progress in completion of the installation.

2.3, “The Customer” shall at all times be vigilant and responsible for the health & safety of themselves and the health & safety of persons or animals in their charge.

2.4, Under Part K of the Building Regulations when “The Company” is on “The Site” the property will be subject to restricted access; visitors should be kept to a minimum. “The Customer” must follow any instructions given by “The Company” in regards to restriction of movement through or around “The Work Area” for their own safety. “The Customer” remains responsible for the welfare of guests, animals & themselves.

2.5, Risk assessments & method statements are available from “The Company” if “The Customer” wishes to receive a copy they will need to formally request them from “The Company”.

2.6, “The Customer” is responsible for the notification of any or all works that require notification to the “The Authorities”; with the exception of the work detailed in “The Contract”. “The Company” will notify its work through the NICEIC.

2.7, Any fees charged by “The Authorities” will need to be met by “The Customer”.

3 Assurances

3.1, All work undertaken as detailed in “The Contract” will conform to the latest edition of “Institute of Electrical Engineers Wiring Regulations” and The Building Regulations incorporating the relevant aspects in Parts A, B, C, E, F, K, L, M & P.

3.2, Any work to be contracted out to contractors, the contractors will be vetted to ensure “The Company’s” high standards will be met. And that they are Insured & accredited with the relevant bodies.

3.3, Material will be recycled on site where “The Site” has facilities to do so.

3.4, COSHH reports for all aerosols, solvents, adhesives & lubricants used by “The Company” are stored at the office for reference as required under Part J of the Building Regulations.

3.5, “The Company” will endeavour to reinstate “The Customers” property as near to pre‐existing conditions as possible. However, in certain circumstances this will not be physically possible, or may not meet the requirements of “The Customer” for example, decoration or floor surfaces. Items such as carpet, tiles, wood, plaster, etc may need reinstating by a third party. This is the responsibility of “The customer” and “The Company” will endeavour to draw attention to these points when surveying for the estimate. Costs of this reinstatement will be met by the customer.

3.6, “The Guarantee” offered to “The Customer” will be honoured by “The Company” or its insurances. “The Guarantee” offered to “The Customer” will be dependent on the type of work or services supplied. “The Guarantee” will be limited in duration and will be indicated on the customers receipt, invoice or contract.

3.7, “The Warranty” offered to “The Customer” will be honoured by “The Company” or the Manufacture. “The Warranty” will be dependent on the Manufactures Terms & Conditions. “The Warranty” will be limited in duration and will be indicated on the customers receipt, invoice or contract.

4 Omissions or Addition to Estimate

4.1, Any deviation from “The Contract” will be detailed on the job sheet.

4.2, “The Company” will undertake to make “The Customer” aware of any changes to the cost incurred by the variations.

4.3, The job sheet or estimate will be signed by “The Customer” prior to any additional work being carried out this will then form part of this contract.

4.4, Only such work as agreed in “The Contract” will be undertaken by “The Company”.

4.5, If the extent of the additional work is larger than “Minor Works” as detailed in the latest edition of “Institute of Electrical Engineers Wiring Regulations”.
Then the work will need to be rescheduled for an appropriate date in the future so as not to affect “The Customer” or “The Companies” prior arrangements.

5 Payments

5.1, “The Customer” is required to pay “The Company” upon the completion of work or as in the terms and conditions of the contract.

5.2, Accepted payments can be made with either Bank Transfer, Major Debit and Credit cards or Cash.

5.3, In certain circumstances, “The Company” may require “The Customer” to pay a deposit; this will be arranged when necessary with “The Customer”.

5.4, “The Company” does not accept any responsibility for failed payments, unless “The Company” is aware of circumstances outside of its or “The Customers” control.

5.5, Failure to meet payment on demand will result in court action being instigated for the recovery of debt and any costs incurred, interest will be charged at 8% above the current Bank of England Base rate from the date payment becomes overdue in addition to compensation for reasonable debt recovery costs of between £40-£100 dependent on debt amount.

5.6, All materials supplied by “The Company” remain the property of “The Company” until full payment is made by “The Customer”.

5.7, Minimum charges apply to labour rates. First hour charged as minimum and then subsequently charged half hourly there after. This does not apply to small tasks, these types of tasks will be charged accordingly.

6 Cancellation of Contract

6.1, “The Contract” can be broken by “The Company” if “The Customer” causes delays in execution of “The Contract” in excess of 28 Days.

6.2, “The Customer” can be released from “The Contract” with no penalties if notice is given to “The Company” by one or more means eg Telephone, Letter or Email within 72hrs of “The Contract” becoming legal. As all materials required for the job will be purchased thereafter.

6.3, A fee of 25% of the total estimate will be made to cover the costs of administration and the return of goods to suppliers. Unless under 6.2 applies.

7 Return of Goods

7.1, No goods are supplied on a sale or return basis. There shall be no liability on “The Company” to accept returned goods.

8 Fire & Security Systems

8.1, Due to, but not limited to, any or all of the following: criminal tampering, electrical or communications disruption, equipment failure it is possible for the Fire or Security system to fail to perform as expected. “The Company” does not represent that the products or systems may not be compromised or circumvented; or that the product or system will prevent any personal injury or property loss by burglary, robbery, fire or otherwise; nor that the product or system will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. A properly installed and maintained system may only reduce the risk of burglary, robbery, fire or otherwise but it is not insurance or a guarantee that these events will not occur. Therefore, the customer/owner should take any and all precautions for his or her safety including, but not limited to, fleeing the premises and calling police or fire service and have a well rehearsed evacuation procedure in order to mitigate the possibilities of harm and/or damage.

9 Inspection & Testing

9.1, “The Company” takes every effort to limit the effect of inspection and testing on customers premises, but due to the nature of the works some disruption and restrictions are to be expected.

10 Waste Removal

10.1, “The Company” will supply waste removal service via it’s preferred licenced waste handlers for the removal of trade wastes created by installation, repair or maintenance at the customer’s property. This service may be be chargeable to “The Customer” and will be included in all estimates and quotations supplied if required.

11 Emergency Response

11.1, “The Company” does not guarantee an emergency response to “The Customer” however “The Company” will aim to respond to any breakdown or fault within a 4hr time period upon receiving details from “The Customer”.

11.2, Please note “The Company” does not monitor its email or social networks 24hrs a day and advises “The Customer” to use the 24hr telephone number provided, unless advised by “The Company” of an alternative contact method if in the event of a technical issue arising.

12 Matters Beyond Our Control

12.1, Matters Beyond Our Control will be declared in the event of a situation that is outside of “The Company’s” control. This can be, but not limited to; Job Overrun, Emergency Cover, Illness, Weather, Flooding, Fire, Industrial Action, Road Incidents, Vehicle Breakdown, Communications Failure, IT Failure, Local and National Government Enforcement.

13 Additional Charging

13.1, Travel outside of “The Company’s” preferred coverage area, currently set at 25 miles from our office location, may be charged to “The Customer” at a rate of 0.50p +Vat per mile. This will be confirmed to “The Customer” upon first contact with “The Company” and will be included in all estimates and quotations.

13.2, Any lost or damaged certificates, invoices, drawings, etc will incur an admin charge to “The Customer”.

13.3, “The Company” will retain the right to charge for missed appointments and any costs incurred.

14 Promotions & Discounts

14.1, Promotions will be at “The Company” discretion.

14.2, Discounts offered will be at “The Company” discretion.

15 Social Network Sites

15.1, “The Company” Does not take any responsibility for the provision of inaccurate information via Social Network Sites.

15.2, Issues reported by “The Company” via Social Network Sites must not be used for the protection of life, property or the prevention of financial loss.

16 Electronic Messages

16.1, If any email or text message has been sent in error, please advise “The Company” immediately. Emails, Text messages are not necessarily secure. “The Company” does not accept responsibility for changes to any email or text which occur after the email or text message has been sent. Attachments to any email or text may contain viruses, which could damage “The Customer” IT systems. While the “The Company” has taken reasonable precautions to minimise the risk, “The Company” cannot accept liability for any damage which “The Customer” sustains as a result of the viruses. “The Customer” should carry out virus and security checks before opening any email or text messages.

18 Statutory Rights

18.1, These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.