Protect Your Home or Business with CCTV Security Camera Installation

Are you thinking of having CCTV cameras installed at your home or business in Basingstoke or the surrounding area? Do you need to find an experienced and reliable CCTV installer?

Smart Electrics has been operating in the Basingstoke area since 2003 and we specialise in affordable CCTV camera supply,  installation and optional monitoring services. We provide residential and commercial grade security cameras/systems and monitoring services.

Smart Electrics Basingstoke CCTV security camera installation

Help Finding CCTV Cameras/Systems

With so many CCTV cameras and systems on the market it can be confusing and hard to know where to find help. We offer free estimates on the supply and installation of CCTV systems and are happy to help you choose the right security system. Smart Electrics can offer professional unbiased advice on the best CCTV cameras for your home or business as we are not tied to any one brand.

We offer great deals on the supply and installation of CCTV cameras and security systems. Please contact us for a complimentary cost estimate, or if you would like us to submit a tender for a commercial security systems contract.

CCTV Camera Installation Considerations

Below is a list of questions to consider when you are thinking about installing CCTV cameras at your home or business:

  • Do you know if you want hard-wired or wire-free CCTV cameras?
  • Do you want indoor and outdoor security cameras?
  • How big is the space that each camera needs to cover?
  • Do you have pets you wish to monitor on your CCTV cameras when you are away from home?
  • Do you want to be able to check in on your home whilst you are away or on holiday?
  • Do you want to be able to listen and talk through your CCTV camera? (For e.g. if motion is detected you could advise an intruder the police have been called)
  • Do you want to receive live security alerts through your mobile phone?
  • Do you want integrate home lighting with your CCTV cameras? (For e.g. to turn lights on when motion is detected)
  • Do you have a limited or unlimited data plan with your Internet/Broadband Service Provider?
  • Do you want to store security alerts on a hard drive or use cloud-based storage?
  • Do you want a security company to monitor your CCTV for you?
  • Does your home or business insurance company have any stipulations regarding CCTV ?

If you’re unsure about any of these questions, need help, or would like a free estimate for CCTV please contact us.

Other Home/Business Security & Safety Systems

When you’re considering CCTV cameras it’s also a good time to consider additional security and safety systems for your home or business. For example;

  • Intruder/burglar alarms
  • Smoke/fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Electric gates/barriers
  • Panic/medical emergency buttons

Smart Electrics can also help you with the above home/business security and safety items.

Find Out More About CCTV Camera Installation

Why not contact the friendly Smart Electrics team for advice today? We also offer free estimates.

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