Smart Electrics Group Owner Alastair Toal Provides Emergency Communications Support as a Volunteer for RAYNET

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Smart Electrics Basingstoke and RAYNET

Did you know that Smart Electrics founder Alastair Toal is a licensed HAM amateur radio operator operating under call sign 2E0HFN

Since gaining this valuable qualification, Alastair has been accepted as a RAYNET volunteer for the South East England zone. In times of crisis, and for general support, Alastair is on standby to provide communications support for eligible organisations.

What Organisations do RAYNET Volunteers Provide Support For?

RAYNET provides communications support for the following entities:

  • Any UK Police force, Fire & Rescue service or Ambulance trust.
  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • Local Authority Emergency Planning/Resilience Officers
  • Any health authority
  • Any government department
  • British Red Cross
  • St John Ambulance
  • St Andrew’s Ambulance Association
  • RVS
  • Salvation Army
  • Any utility service

What is RAYNET-UK?

RAYNET is the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs. It was formed in 1953 following the severe East coast flooding, to provide a way of organising the valuable resource that Amateur Radio is able to provide to the community.

RAYNET-UK Amateur Radio Operators Role in Emergency Communication Services

Amateur Radio operators have access to a wide range of radio bands, operating modes and equipment, which allows RAYNET volunteers to offer a unique range of emergency communication services.

Drawing on their resources, RAYNET can provide a flexible communications service for major civil emergencies, or related exercises and local community events.

RAYNET has provided additional communications at major incidents involving aircraft, trains, flooding, evacuations, telephone exchange failures, missing persons searches, adverse weather, oil/chemical pollution etc. They have also provided safety communications for large-scale community events.

RAYNET is therefore regarded as a professional support organisation by statutory and volunteer emergency service organisations.

What does RAYNET offer?

In times of major civil emergency, existing communications can become rapidly overloaded.

RAYNET can offer:

  • Additional flexible communication links to complement established systems
  • Members who come from a variety of backgrounds and can bring with them a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Established local contacts
  • A national 24hr emergency contact telephone number (0303 040 1080)

How can RAYNET Volunteers Help?

RAYNET volunteers normally use their own equipment to provide communications. Voice transmissions are the norm, but messages in the form of data transmissions are being increasingly used.

In some areas, the use of vehicle-tracking systems and MESH networking can also be provided.

ham radio

How is RAYNET Organised?

RAYNET comprises a national network of local groups, who liaise with emergency services, local authorities and other voluntary agencies who could be involved in the integrated management response to major civil emergencies.

All registered members of RAYNET-UK whilst on duty are covered by “Public Liability” & “Employers Liability” insurance, together with Personal Accident Insurance under policies held nationally.

Alastair Toal from Smart Electrics is a RAYNET volunteer for the South East England zone.

Contacting RAYNET

Contact North West Hampshire RAYNET for Local Support

Contact RAYNET for National Support

Please note – in emergency situations eligible organisations are encouraged to contact RAYNET directly to seek support. RAYNET will put organisations in touch with appropriate resources in your zone.

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