Help Fixing Broadband or Phone Issues

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Help - I'm having a broadband connection crisis and my kids can't get onto their social media!

Kids driving you crazy not being able to get onto their social media accounts? Netflix not connecting? Phone dropping out?

If your internet or phone isn’t working why not ask a neighbour or friend to check your service providers website, or call them for you, to check for known faults. Alternatively they could check a website such as Downdetector for you.

If it’s a known fault your service provider may include details on their website, or via their social media channels. Sometimes this will have an estimated time of when the issue will be resolved.

Smart Electrics also endeavour to post details of network outages and alerts we’ve been made aware of in the News & Offers section of our website and via our social media channels. 

If you suspect your issue isn’t down to your service provider why not call out Smart Electrics to help diagnose and fix your connection issue?  We are experts in telecommunications, networking and fault-finding for your home or business. 

Smart Electrics founder, Alistair Toal, TMIET served 9 years as a customer service engineer in the British Telecom/Openreach Thames-way area providing telephone and data services on behalf of BT, Sky, TalkTalk and more. You don’t get much more experienced than that!


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